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Growing with your appetite for adventure

The Orion roof top tent by Monstar brings innovation in hinge design, expandability, power console, and much more give you convenience now along with room for future expandability. 

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Innovative hinge mechanism

Giving you more room for fun

Traditional hinged tents leverage a simple mechanism to save cost at the expense of usable room. 

Our new hinge mechanism improves the overall usable space, allowing you to sleep from any end and allows more people to fit comfortably in the tent. We also made use of the room to add additional window for a little added ventilation.

Heavy duty locks

Peace of mind, on road and off

Dual heavy duty locks to keep your precious tent closed and away from curious passer-bys.

The locks are auto latching and tensioning so just hook, press and you are secured! Also have peace of mind on the road knowing that the latch won’t come undone.

Power distribution console

Stay powered, always

The power console allows you to bring power to your tent and future accessories without needing to commit fully to hardwiring to your cars battery. Simply plug into a 12v outlet or a portable power supply and you are off to the races.

Standard on all tents!

Quad surround t-slots 

Expand to your heart’s content

We’ve designed the tent with four t-slots (2 top, 2 bottom) on all sides of the tent allowing you maximum expandability. You can even hook up powered accessories to the power distribution console for endless possibilities.

We also heard your feedback and complete redesigned the corner piece to allow for easy insert and removal of the t-nut. No more cap to wrestle with and lose.

Dual skylights

Stargaze in quiet luxury

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? You’re in the great outdoors, it’s probably a bird.

Our new tent features dual skylights built right in to give you more outdoors feel from the comfort of your tent. Whether you (or your pet) want to nap in the afternoon sun or drift asleep watching the Starlink satellites drift across the sky, you can do so protected from the elements, and those pesky mosquitoes. 

Internal and external storage


Storage on the top, storage outside, storage on the side. We heard you, you wanted more storage and we gave you more storage. We have even designed our waterproof shoe bags to be modular so you could add more if you wanted.

Foam mattress + anti-condensation mat

Comfortable and healthy

Every tent comes with a comfortable mattress with easily removable and washable cover. So you can set off fresh each trip and get a great night’s rest.

For the launch of our new tent, we are also including an anti-condensation mat to promote air flow below the mattress. This prevents mold, protecting you and your family’s health.


Our mission at Monstar is to bring you products that grow with your appetite for adventure. We look to the community and our supporters to drive our innovation in our product design.

We are committed to the longevity of our product offerings; where possible, we will aim to provide continued upgrade paths for our existing customers. 

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