About us

We at Wild Land Canada are a group of keen active outdoor enthusiasts and having grown up in the West Coast of British Columbia have lead a privileged lifestyle. Wanting to share the adventure with others and helping you to explore our fabulous country with our International recognized quality modern products to inspire people to get outdoors and “Let Impulse Drive Exploration”.

Our family founded Wild Land Canada in 2018 with over 25 years of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative affordable Roof Top Tents and outdoor gear that are sold all over the world in Europe, Australia, U.S.A, South America and Canada…

To be the best requires commitment to our vision and we have for many years tested all our Roof Top Tents and outdoor equipment in a variety of countries, scenarios, factory, in all seasons, in mild to extreme weather conditions. In order so that when you embark on your next adventure you will do so feeling at ease with the knowledge that your Wild Land Canada products meet and exceed your standards and all the challenges encountered in your great Canadian adventures.

Sincerely, Wild Land Canada